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Cindy K. Green Award Winning Inspirational Author

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There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart. ~Jane Austen


And now these three remain: faith, hope, love. But the greatest of these is love. ~

I Corinthians 13:13





Challenging Miss Valentine



For one mad moment Ella Valentine steps outside her comfort zone and ends up caught in a lie and saddled with a new boss who she suspects might be losing his mind. Now he has her enacting insane acts of espionage while trying to catch the culprit who has embezzled money from their company. 


Charles “Charlie” Murray II might be heir to the Murray family dynasty, but he’d rather be off creating than running the CFO office. However, if he can discover who’s been stealing from the company then he just might attain the position of his dreams or will he sacrifice it all to be with Ella.

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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Your Wedding

On the way to her cousin's wedding, Kari Montgomery stumbles in a rainstorm not knowing that her encounter with the owner of a pair of steel blue eyes will change her life.

Dilemma of the Heart

Cassandra Huddleston lost her fiancé at the close of the Civil War. Now she has to decide if she can forget the man of her heart and learn to love the man offering her a future.

Relationship Rescue

Two blind dates--one was stood up and the other one wishes she was. Have they both been set up in more ways than one?

Snow Kissed

As the Winter Wonderland Carnival unfolds, Holly Armstrong plans to say goodbye to the man she loves who only sees her as a friend. But when Logan Riley hears the news he wonders if he can let her go.


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COMING 11/28/2019



Playboy bachelor, Alec, discovers a baby on his doorstep only days away from being appointed to a political office, prompting him to appeal to his assistant, Jane, for help. Misunderstandings and accusations from the press abound, leading Alec to wonder, even if he were prepared for a ready-made family, could sweet, church-going Jane ever find it in her heart to marry a sinner like him?

New Releases

High school senior, Luke Ryan, may have gone all-star in baseball the previous year, but nothing about his current life resembles that famed reputation. With Christmas break on the horizon, he resents the compulsory trip to visit his estranged father in California. Not only is he forced to abandon his mother over the holiday, but his pianist girlfriend, Andrea, also--who seems too preoccupied by her Christmas Eve charity concert to care that they ll be apart. On the way to California, he meets free-spirit Charli who spins his world in a completely different direction. Once in his old stomping grounds, he s forced to face the reality of his sister s death and his parents divorce. Decisions assail him over his future, his girlfriend, and his home. Is he destined to move back to California to secure a baseball scholarship or does God have another plan for his life?

High school junior Andrea Jamison, self-proclaimed change-o-phobic and, incidentally, a fabulous pianist in her own right has lost faith in herself and her abilities.  At the exact moment when her parents begin pressuring her about an opportunity that just might lead to Julliard, Andrea’s friend Amy meddles in her personal life trying to pair her up with the cute, transfer jock Luke Ryan. Will Andrea learn to accept her parents often repeated word FOCUS or will she finally start trusting in God’s strength instead of cowering in her own weaknesses?

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