Cindy K. Green Author of Humorous, Heartfelt, Spirit-filled Fiction
Cindy K. Green Author of Humorous, Heartfelt, Spirit-filled Fiction

Book Signing at the Princeton Library

I had a wonderful time at the Princeton Library brunch. 

Recent Articles

'Do You Love to Laugh' at the Romance Studio. An article on the romantic comedy.

"I love to laugh, don’t you? When I think of my go-to expression, laughter is usually my number one choice. I use it when I’m happy and I even have employed it when I’m sad. It’s a way to release emotions held within. If it’s a choice between laugh and cry, I pick laughter every time..." Read More

'Guilty Pleasures' on Fresh Fiction

"We all have our secret list of guilty pleasures, and I’m not just talking about that hidden box of chocolate truffles and your DVR maxed out on The Bachelor. I’ve often used my guilty pleasures to stir my creative juices and get the writing flowing. It might be my mad-love for period dramas to craft that romantic historical romance or in the case of my new Young Adult novel, it was my love for superheroes..." Read More

'GoodReads--Not Another Social Media Outlet!' at Seekerville blog.

"When I became a published author over eight years ago, I didn’t realize I was going to need a Marketing degree or to go outside of my introverted comfort zone and create a social media presence. The term ‘social media’ hadn’t even come into common use in 2006 when my first book came out. (Although, they say the term was coined in the 1990’s.)" Read More

'L.M. Montgomery & the YA Genre' originally published in the Christian Fiction Online Magazine.

"When I reflect back on my reading as a teenager, I’d have to say that my favorite Young Adult author could be none other than L. M. Montgomery (author of the Anne of Green Gables series and so much more). Now you might not think of her as a typical YA author. I know, I know—that genre didn’t even exist until the 1940’s when the term teenager came into use. But when I think about the 1990’s when I grew up, there just wasn’t a whole lot of new YA fiction out there and definitely not Christian YA..." Read More


Recent Interviews

A Character Interview of Andrea from Andrea & the 5 Day Challenge from author, Clare Revell

Intrepid reporter I.B. Nosey put me through my one crazy interview.

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New Releases

For one mad moment Ella Valentine steps outside her comfort zone and ends up caught in a lie and saddled with a new boss who she suspects might be losing his mind. Now he has her enacting insane acts of espionage while trying to catch the culprit who has embezzled money from their company. 


Charles “Charlie” Murray II might be heir to the Murray family dynasty, but he’d rather be off creating than running the CFO office. However, if he can discover who’s been stealing from the company then he just might attain the position of his dreams or will he sacrifice it all to be with Ella.

High school junior Andrea Jamison, self-proclaimed change-o-phobic and, incidentally, a fabulous pianist in her own right has lost faith in herself and her abilities.  At the exact moment when her parents begin pressuring her about an opportunity that just might lead to Julliard, Andrea’s friend Amy meddles in her personal life trying to pair her up with the cute, transfer jock Luke Ryan. Will Andrea learn to accept her parents often repeated word FOCUS or will she finally start trusting in God’s strength instead of cowering in her own weaknesses?

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